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Permit to work software

5 Factors To choose The Best Permit to Work Software

Safety is of the utmost importance in industries where there is constant danger, the possibility of life-threatening events, and hazardous situations themselves. Industries such as construction, manufacturing, utilities and mining, are required to adhere to the guidelines of various work permit requirements. This is done to maintain a safe and secure working environment. This is where the need for efficient and professional permit to work software comes in!  

Permit to work software makes your safety health and environment management a lot easier and more proficient. It helps organisations streamline and digitise their permit management systems, ensuring safety compliance and minimising risks. But with a multitude of options available, how do you choose the best permit to work software for your specific needs?

EHS Suite is one such permit management software with lesser time-taking capability and organised representation of data. Starting from managing ptw permit to work from initiation to completion, it is your all-in-one permit management partner. For organisations selecting the most suitable permit management software, it is necessary to evaluate the various requirements and compatibility of the management. Here are some ways which help you select the most suitable permit management system for your organisation.

Ways to select the best Permit to Work Software 

Adherence to Regulations and Assistance

The first and foremost factor to consider when choosing a permit to work software is its ability to support compliance and equally important regulations. Safety regulations and standards vary by industry and location. Each industry requires its own set of safety protocols, depending upon the level of risk associated. Further, it is important to ensure that the software you choose is able to support those protocols. Moreover, look for software that is designed to meet industry-specific requirements. It should adhere to regulations such as OSHA, ISO 45001, or any other applicable standards in your region. Ensure the software offers customizable templates that allow you to create work permits that align with the specific safety protocols and regulations of your organisation. 

User-Friendly Interface 

A user-friendly interface is essential to ensure that your team can efficiently review, analyse and present work permits. It reduces the likelihood of errors and enhances user adoption. In addition to improving the overall permit management process seek software with an intuitive and well-designed interface. Always choose customizable workflows and templates within the software. It can adapt to your organisation’s unique permit processes, making it more user-friendly and efficient.

Software Integration and Compatibility 

Organisations need various software like maintenance management, asset management and safety management to make their operations flow efficiently. Permit to work software should integrate seamlessly with these systems to ensure uniformity. This integration simplifies data sharing, minimises duplication of effort, and ensures that permit information is consistent across all safety health and environment management systems. Furthermore, organisations should consider permit to work software that is compatible with a range of devices and operating systems. Therefore, it facilitates easy access and use by your whole team. 

Mobile Adaptability 

It is necessary to ensure that permit to work software is accessible on mobile. Thanks to mobile capabilities that allow for real-time updates, photo attachments, and electronic signatures, the permit management process is more efficient. Employees should be able to access, update, and review work permits from remote locations as well. This ensures that safety and compliance are met besides being away from the office. Being one of the most accessible permit management software EHS suite offers a digital dashboard and mobile responsiveness. This ensures stable management of permits from everywhere and anywhere. The notification feature keeps you updated about every activity related to your ptw permit to work as a result you don’t miss any necessary information. 

Permit Insights 

Lastly, to stay ahead in the competitive world and make well-informed decisions just in time, you need to have insights into your permit management processes. Software that provides robust reporting, and analytics capabilities, is considered suitable by most organisations. Features for customizable reporting let you create insights that are unique to the requirements of your company. It helps you make data-driven decisions, improve safety protocols, and ensure that your organisation is consistently in compliance with safety regulations.


Selecting a suitable permit to work software that prioritises safety and regulations is a crucial decision that organisations have to take. The above-mentioned factors like regulations and compliance, user-friendly approach, reporting, analytics and system compatibility are of crucial importance to help you make an informed choice. Remember to conduct thorough research, read reviews, seek recommendations, and request demonstrations. This enables you to ensure that the software you choose aligns with your organisation’s specific needs. Finally, making the right choice can significantly enhance safety, streamline permit management, and mitigate risks in your industry.

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